Saturday, 12 September 2015

Asiatic Lilies Perth | Asiatic Lily Perth | Lillies Perth

Asiatic Lilies Perth | Asiatic Lily Perth | Lillies Perth 

Lilies give their name to the large Family Liliaceae, which contains about 100 species. Several are used as cut flowers with the most common being dealt with here. Lilies grow from bulbs, and are forced into flower almost year round to satisfy demand. They are tremendously popular flowers and together are ranked #5 in cut flower sales from the Dutch Flower Auctions in 2004.

LA: LA stands for ‘Longiflorum + Asiatic’ which are the two parents that gave rise to this relatively recent member of the lily family. LA’s are intermediate in size between the two parents and come in a range of pastel colours: yellow, orange, dark red and white like Asiatics, but much paler in colour. They also have a very attractive scent – far more subtle than L. longiflorum.

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