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Carnations Perth | Carnation Flowers Perth

Carnations Perth | Carnation Flowers Perth

Long the most popular cut flower after the rose, the carnation’s star has been on the wane over the past twenty years or so. In 2004 carnations were the 10th most popular flower sold at Aalsmeer, but they remain a very popular traditional flower in England, where they have been sold since at least the 16th century. They seem to be making a comeback, however, which is not surprising as this flower has a huge range of strong colours, is long-lasting and is scented.

Carnations come in two forms. Single flowers per stem are called 'Sims', several flowers per stem are 'sprays'. They come in every colour, except black, and there are even genetically-engineered 'blue' forms, bred in Australia, that range from pale blue to mauve. Large breeders include Barberet & Blanc (France), Hilverda (Holland), P. Kooij & Son (Holland) and Selecta Klemm (Germany). Check these breeders’ websites for more information.

Carnations tend to be grown in glasshouses or polyhouses, and like roses, the main areas of production have become more southern – Spain and Africa for Europe and South America, Colombia in particular, has taken over from California as the main supplier of carnations into the USA for example. In Australia, carnations are grown in glasshouses, mostly close to the southern capital cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

These flowers are very sensitive to ethylene gas, which makes their petals curl inwards and shrivel. Growers should treat bunches with an anti-ethylene agent before they are sold.

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